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Digital Marketing Agency in Mauritius

Building responsive, search engine-friendly websites with instant impact, impressing users and effectively positioning your brand. WEB Companies is a 27 years old Web Design and Development strategic agency with a digital marketing focus. We fuse precision with persuasion to achieve remarkable results for ambitious brands.

Since 1995, we have blended strategic thinking, creativity and technical expertise to create integrated digital marketing campaigns that deliver the only result that matters: business success.

We are the trusted partner you’ve been looking for. Our strategic approach, creativity and technical skills gave us the edge to become the leading digital marketing agency in Mauritius and the whole Indian Ocean region.

A unified digital agency approach

We have developed a unique methodology that unifies all parts of digital marketing, and focuses on the only metrics that matter: your business objectives.

Our methodology allows us to bring the right experts into your account at just the right moment, with a holistic approach to marketing that considers SEO, website design and development, content marketing and Digital PR, sponsored campaigns, as well as creative design and designing customer experiences, and how they all come together to deliver results.

And, as your business’ marketing capability evolves, our role and the services we provide as a digital agency can evolve with them. We’re the trusted partner you’ve been searching for.

As one of just 3% of digital marketing agencies who hold Google Premier Partner status, we’re confident in the outstanding results we achieve for our clients. We create sophisticated, integrated marketing campaigns that have clear direction and goals, bringing all digital activity together into a unified, strategic methodology.

We’re immensely proud of the work our teams deliver alongside our clients: at the end of the day, our clients trust us and we take that extremely seriously. That being said, we’ll always challenge our clients – if it’s the right thing to do. We’re a digital marketing agency in Mauritius that’s built on integrity and we want to keep it that way.

We unify every area of our expertise around a single strategic plan because we know this approach gets results.

We see success every day. Let’s thrive, together. has set up remote consultation by videoconference (Skype, Zoom, Uber, Facetime, WhatsApp).